“I’ve just bought this guitar new, but it doesn’t play as well as my mates! Have I bought a bad one?”
Probably not, most guitars leave the factory with quite a
high action (the height of the strings above the fingerboard) It is easier to lower an action than raise it in most cases. The high action also masks irregularities in the fret heights (more later). The guitar needs a set up. This involves adjusting the truss rod, cutting the nut and adjusting the bridge for height and intonation plus a few other things depending on the type of guitar


“The action on my guitar is OK but I’ve got rattles and dead spots on some frets.”
The lower you have the action the more it shows any variation in the fret heights, or wear on the frets, as rattles or notes that don’t sound clear. The remedy for this is a fret dress. This process levels, re crowns and polishes the frets to very close tolerances. This is rarely done on factory instruments as it takes too long, so don’t be surprised if your new guitar needs one if you want a low action even if it was expensive!


“Can you fit a pick up in my acoustic guitar?”


“Can I get a fatter sound from my strat/ tele without changing the pickups?”
Yes you can


“Can you do the job the same day?”
Yes if you phone me and book it in


“I’ve broken the head stock - is it terminal?”
No, though the method of repair will depend on the quality of the instrument and type of break


“Do you repair banjos?”
..........alas....... yes


“Do you have perfect pitch?”
Yes I can chuck a b**jo in a skip without it hitting the sides!