Some Notable Customers and Kind Words

Elliott Randall - Steely Dan, Doobie Bros and many others!! - “In my opinion, Nigel is the finest luthier in the land. He’s currently refurbishing my very best guitars - and making them better.”

My special thanks go to Elliott for letting me use the image of his No.1 Strat on my web site.

Chris Simpson - Magna Carta - "Not just a dear friend or even a guitar man. Nigel is THE guitar man - simply the best in the world. Bar none."

Peter Howarth - The Hollies - "thank you for everything."

Decon Blue

Duncan Hamilton - Katy Lied - "Thanks for looking after my guitars."

Tich Amey - Dave Dee ,Dozey ,Beakey, Mick and Tich - "Many thanks for your great help."

Rob Marshall - Exit Calm

Carl Pemberton - Journey South

Kingsley - The Chapman Family

Paul - The Chapman Family

John Fyffe - The Settlers - "The guitar itself is really lovely. It’s just what I wanted."

Linda Simpson

Malvin Skulbru - Norway

Matt Barnhoorn - Magna Carta

Lee Abbott - Magna Carta - "Fantastic job as usual."

Keith Attak- Bonnie Tyler

Nigel Stonier - Thea Gilmore

Jez Lowe

Tom Hoy - Magna Carta - "Much love and thanks."

Tony Davison - Arbre - "Nigel who ?. . . . Never heard of him . . . ."

Chris Ringer - Prelude